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Ventilation Duct Cleaning


“Nowadays, Humans spend up to 90 % of their time indoors, thus indoor air quality has become an important factor for their well being and comfort.”

Employers have a responsibility to adhere to the workplace health and safety regulations which state that new and existing mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air. This will have an affect on people who suffer from the following problems such as asthma, allergies, pollen allergies, respiratory difficulties etc…
Many working environments now rely totally on ventilation duct work to provide fresh, clean air for the occupants within their building.
Fresh clean air plays an important role in the productivity of the occupants as research has shown that inadequate air supply contributes to sick building syndrome (SBS) which will result in sick leave, poor working atmosphere and low productivity.

What Pollution can usually be found in duct work?

Upon inspection of existing duct work the following items are frequently discovered and highlighted to management. A flexible snake like camera is inserted into the duct work in question, which will highlight the below:

  • Excessive dust build up within the duct
  • Rodent litter, carcases and insect infestation
  • Mould and fungal activity/development and microorganisms
  • Defective duct work installation leading to air flow problems
  • Pet dander/hair
  • Water or dampness on internal surface of duct work

Why do you need a Risk Assessment of ventilation system:

The risk assessment is a service provided to the client which will highlight what cannot be seen by the occupants.
We here at Airduct Hygenics provide the following risk assessment programme:

  • Digital imaging of the existing ventilation system
  • Cut in access doors into duct work where possible and accessible
  • Compile a report on the findings from the inspection
  • Swabs of dust particles and fibres can tested by an accredited laboratory if the client is concerned that there is a risk of microorganism infestation
  • A genuine recommendation given on proposed remedial works required
  • An estimate for the works required
  • System shut down dates coordinated and agreed on where required
  • Option of replacing and maintaining existing system components (fans, grilles etc…)
  • Certification of duct cleaning in accordance with HVCA TR/19 (internal cleanliness of ventilation systems)
  • Professional and one to one advice after service cleaning completion should client have queries at any stage

Will the cleaning process cause disruption?

No. The cleaning process will not affect the occupants in any way or the building fabric. We use the most up to date rotating brush machinery which allows us to clean very long lengths of duct work from a single access hatch. There fore no damage will be incurred to the building or occupants.

We will also ensure that no duct impurities enter the building as the rotating brush system incorporates a large extract fan which will collect the entire dust into a filtered housing unit, which is then removed form site by competent staff with years of experience in the industry.
To ensure that the occupants of the building are not affected by any slight noise that may occur, we also provide an out of hours cleaning service to facilitate all clients’ requirements.

Cleaning Duct work Saves Money:

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the ventilation system will result in increased air flow, decreased energy consumption and increased plant/component and life expectancy. If the systems is not cleaned regularly - clogging up of ventilation system will result in unsatisfactory ventilation performance. A clean ventilation system will result in clean air to the occupants of the building and will result in less sick days and higher productivity.

When can duct work be cleaned?

Air Duct Hygenics cater for all clients by providing an out of hour’s facility outside of normal hours e.g. (weekends, night work etc…)


Where can we provide the cleaning service?

Air duct Hygenics can provide a nation wide cleaning service with the head quarters based in Galway.

Airduct Hygienics can provide a maintenance contract to suit your individual needs

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